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Brian Maguire

"Kiom made my life better and easier at our company, plain and simple. She not only did her assigned role extremely well, she took leadership and initiative in other areas as well, often becoming a “cheerleader” for our office of new ways of accomplishing our goals by using technology and methods she was an expert with. Her spirit and energy is amazing and is she is a huge asset to any organization." Brian Maguire Associate Broker, Agent Team Leader and REALTOR at Compass /

James Chris Fuller

"Kiom pays great attention to detail, shows up early and stays late. I always knew I could count on her expertise to help guide my team through complex real estate issues. She's passionate Ga real estate law and used that to drive key initiatives for our firm." James Chris Fuller Strategic Growth Manager at Compass /

Mike Toltzis

"Kiom played a major role for my team and for every agent at Compass. She handled all of our listings and supported over 400 agents which was incredible. She is extremely detailed, organized, hard worker, and mostly importantly she was passionate about her job." Mike Toltzis Co-Founder @ SET Real Estate Group at Compass /

Anissa Klisch

"I had the pleasure of working with Kiom for the past year as a listing manager for a team of several agents. She was invaluable in helping me navigate both our teams transition to Compass and getting properly set up on a variety of platforms, MLS's, etc. She was always timely and knowledgable in responding to requests. When technical difficulties arose, I knew I could count on Kiom for efficient and effective problem-solving." Anissa Klisch Marketing/Listing Manager, Sherry & Co at Compass /

Susan Fron

"Kiom is fantastic! As Listing Coordinator at COMPASS, she was an integral part of making sure properties get presented at the highest level of quality and exposure. She is efficient, reliable, a good communicator, and goes out of her way to go above and beyond in terms of contributing to the business. A true asset to any team." Susan Fron Knowledge, Integrity, Refinement - Realtor, COMPASS /

Jon Effron

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with Kiom. She's smart, dependable, and a team player. Kiom's ability to multitask and complete projects on time- and point- is noteworthy. Her "can do" attitude and commitment to excellence made everyone around her a stronger player. Above all, Kiom is a phenomenal person." Jon Effron Associate Broker, Realtor at Compass /

Roman Teyf

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kiom for the past 1.5 years. Kiom has always been professional, a problem solver, diligent, creative and punctual. Kiom was first to arrive and last to leave - always putting our business ahead of herself. Kiom has always been responsive, a team player and absolute leader. I have zero reservations about whole heartedly recommending Kiom and know that any employer will be fortunate to have her part of their business." Roman Teyf Realtor at Compass /

Alison Sternfels

"I have worked with Kiom at Compass and she is fantastic to work with. She is always willing to support us as agents of Compass. She is organized and has wonderful communication skills." Alison Sternfels Licensed Realtor Founding Member of Compass / Atlanta Dekalb Board of Realtors Top 10 Producer 2013-2017

Inna Eidelman

"Kiom is one of a kind! She would be an enormous accent to the Real Estate world. She is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! Always the first to respond to any issue and offer a helping hand. This business is about fast communication and forward thinking which made Kiom stand out from the rest. She was the first point of contact to over 400 agents and helped thousands of listings come to life." Inna Eidelman Founding Partner-SET Real Estate Group at Compass /

Audrey Bates Glenn

“Kiom has always exhibited the utmost professionalism, creativity and class! A positive, upbeat and ambitious person, Kiom remains both a contributor and credit to her profession. Anyone lucky enough to work with her will be impressed with her results.” Audrey Bates Glenn, Brand/Communications Champion for growing companies, Novel Brand Communications

Haji S. Sillah

“Kiom is a very focused, business savvy individual who will go beyond the call of duty to get the job done. We have collaborated on several PR/outreach campaigns where in every instance, her ability to catch every detail and keen observation skill always brought a tremendous plus to projects. She is insightful and identifies resources and opportunities that create value. Her intellectual quickness and acuity will be invaluable to any organization." Haji S. Sillah, CEO Casecreed, LLC

Mo Stegall

“Kiom is an innovative thinker, passionate, and very attention to detail oriented. Her professionalism is parallel to success with her apart of your project, event, or endeavor you are sure to win!” Mo Stegall™, Bestselling Author | Empowerment Speaker | Voiceover Artist| The Treasure Hunter™ & Jewel Expert™

Bronwyn Morgan

"Kiom is an amazing visionary! She is motivated by improving the status quo. She possesses a very congenial spirit and is able to garner others to her vision. Her sense of customer service and superior performance are aspirational. Solid in her thinking and impeccable in her execution.” Bronwyn Morgan, CEO, Sweetwater Strategy, Branding & Design/Sweetwater Developments

Nohad Arslan

“Kiom is a very detail oriented, multi-tasked, and hard working person. I worked with Kiom and was her immediate supervisor for a period of time. I enjoyed working with her especially that she is always energetic and gets the job done. Hers smile and positive attitude is always at her side. She will be a good asset to any firm that she will join." Nohad Arslan Financial Analyst/Internal Auditor for Egypt, Palestine, Libya, Sudan & Tunisia Projects at The Carter Center

Sean Vasconez

"Kiom was a wonderful person to work with. Her attention to detail was second to none. Her work ethic and ability to understand the variety of software programs and paperwork was top rate. She was a true asset to Currey and Company and will be the same with any company.” Sean Vasconez, Contract and International Markets, Currey & company

Shane Durrance

"Although Kiom and myself did not work together directly, it is obvious that she is a hard working genuinely kind person. Every single time we were in the same circle, she always, always put the client first with the greatest respect and understanding. Good luck to you Kiom, and I look forward to crossing your path once again.” Shane Durrance, Owner, Shane Durrance Photography

Stacy Moffett

“Initially, she did not work directly for me, however, I had an opening and "recruited" her to one of my areas at Bloomingdales. Kiom is an exceptionally hard working go-getter with strong ethics and values. She proved herself to be a valuable team member that was always reliable. She has an incredibly positive attitude at all times, and will most certainly, succeed at anything she is determined to do. I can't wait to see her next great steps!" Stacy Moffett, Sales Manager Bloomingdales

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